You know my name that’s why you clicked I suppose. I’ve always deeply pondered a keyword to describe myself. Like I’m not a professional philosopher, I philosophize so I’m some sort of a thinker. I’m also not a professional psychologist/psychoanalyst, perhaps in making, so I cognitively think. Definitely not an intellectual, but I tend to intellectualize from time to time. So, basically, I’m some sort of a Cognitive-Thinker. I’m good at creative thinking so I tend to refer to myself as the creator- hilariously enough my name translates to that in Sanskrit and Arabic as I’m told. So that’s more or less in a nutshell who I am.

Why? Why did I start this Substack Newsletter thing-y? Well, of course, because it seems to be the trend at the moment (LOL)- but also, mostly because I write a lot and never get to actually post them, so why not just have a platform where I can distribute the abstract musings I tend to write on notebooks, papers or my iPad. Seems like a good idea.

So, yea. I guess that’s more or less about me and why I’m here. Subscribe if you’d like to keep up with the abstractions of the Creator.


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